Email Marketing Services in De Pere, WI

Email is one of the simplest and most effective of business communication tools if you use it correctly. Rooted Marketing’s email marketing services help you make the most of your customer contact lists to quickly, effectively, and affordably communicate your message.

Email marketing is extremely cost-effective, utilizing your existing database of contacts to market your business, products, or services. The problem is too many people don’t know how to utilize their email effectively. Your customers are undoubtedly overwhelmed with email messages. Rooted Marketing is here to help you make your email communiqués stand out from the crowd and avoid a quick trip to the trash.

When used correctly, email marketing solutions can inspire customer loyalty, improve response rates, generate new leads, and convert leads into customers.

Email Marketing Services For Every Need


Email marketing generally takes one of two forms: market to existing customers or target new prospects. Rooted Marketing can help you do both. Our approach to email marketing is all about relationship building. You won’t find spammy approaches here; we work with you to get to know your target audience and then design a campaign that will have your audience coming back for more!

  • Market to existing customers: An engaged customer is a loyal customer. The trick is to find that sweet spot between keeping the customer informed without overwhelming them with too many emails. Monthly or quarterly newsletters, news alerts, bulletins, and exclusive content are all great ways to keep in contact with your customers without constantly pushing for a sale.
  • Target new prospects: You can’t grow your business without growing your client list. Target prospective clients and customers with opt-in forms, newsletter and blog post sign-ups, and special sales and promotions. Email list-building is a key component of our new prospect email marketing solutions.

Rooted Marketing’s email marketing services are comprehensive and effective. Count on our email marketing agency for:


  • Email marketing strategy development
  • Email application set up
  • Email list building
  • Email list segmentation and demographic targeting
  • Email content creation including graphics to engage readers
  • Email analytics, tracking, and usage data to monitor success
  • Ongoing email list clean-up and response monitoring

Common FAQs For Our Email Marketing Agency

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending a business message to a group of people via email applications. It can be used to make sales, build brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and trust, or establish relationships.

Does email marketing work?

Yes! Email marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach out to existing and potential customers.

What kinds of companies use email marketing?

Companies of all sizes and in all industries use email marketing to reach their target audience. This low-cost marketing technique is particularly helpful for new and small businesses that don’t have big budgets to spend on print advertising or mass mailings.

When should I use email marketing?

Email marketing can be used anytime you want to reach out to your customer base. Many of our clients use it to share company news, run special promotions, announce a new product or service, or just to keep in touch with their customers.

Why should I use an agency instead of doing it myself?

Using an email marketing agency to manage your campaigns saves time and hassle and gets you better results than you could manage on your own. We know marketing; you know your business. By partnering with Rooted Marketing to manage your email campaigns, you free up precious time to manage other parts of your business that can’t be turned over to someone else.

What type of results can I expect?

Results vary. Not every business will have the same goals so they won’t have the same results. Some companies just want to keep their name in front of their customers’ eyes; others are actively trying to build their customer base. Whatever your end goal, you can rest easy knowing that our email marketing solutions will be designed with your best interests in mind and that if something isn’t quite right, we’ll work together to make changes that will get you closer to meeting your goals.

Put Email Marketing to Work for You

If you are ready to add email to your marketing communications plan, Rooted Marketing can help you get started. Whether you are new to email marketing or need a fresh approach to what you’re already doing, we can help. Contact the Rooted Marketing email marketing team at 920-340-0355 or online to learn more.