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Marketing Strategy and Management

Marketing takes time, energy, and carefully curated knowledge about industry trends, tools, and techniques. Rooted Marketing provides robust marketing strategy and management services so business owners can save time and focus on running their business. 


Graphic Design

The look and feel of your company speaks volumes long before you’ve ever had a chance to open your mouth. At Rooted Marketing, we craft designs—from print to digital—that take people by the hand and don’t let go.


Website Design

In today’s market, your website is key in your business’ success. Unfortunately, simply “having a website” isn’t good enough. At Rooted Marketing, we build websites that are reflective of your business, your brand, and your need to reach clients on both desktop and mobile.


Content Marketing

Become a trusted resource to future customers by providing attractive high-quality content that readers can’t resist. We then help your ideal client find your content through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and more to drive them to your site and convert them to leads.


Email Marketing

Make the most of your customer contact lists to quickly, effectively, and affordably communicate your message. Rooted Marketing is here to help you make your email communiqués stand out from the crowd and avoid a quick trip to the trash.


Social Media Marketing

Get connected with future clients by meeting them where they are at—on the social platforms they frequent. An expertly crafted and executed Social Media Marketing plan earns your potential client’s interest and trust through messaging that entertains and educates. Let Rooted Marketing plug you in.


SEO Services

If they can’t find your company online, customers will never know what you have to offer and how you can help them. SEO marketing can change this. Help your website “get found” online by people who are looking for the products and/or services that your business provides.  


Website Maintenance

For many people, the exciting part of having a website comes in the design phase. Once the site is up and live, it’s easy to think you’re done and forget about it. That’s a mistake. It’s the routine, behind-the-scenes aspects of website management that really make a site functional and successful.


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