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Today, websites are often the first impression a potential customer has of your business. Rooted Marketing’s website design services help ensure that impression is a good one. Having a website is a crucial part of business marketing and success these days. If it’s not informative, helpful, and reflective of your business, it’s not doing its job. Even more important, if it doesn’t work for your customers, it doesn’t work for you.

Website design isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Today there is desktop and mobile formatting, search engine optimization (SEO), and even eCommerce functions to consider; this is in addition to the more traditional job of providing information to site visitors. Websites must be both informative and functional to inspire confidence in your company. Professional website design services from Rooted Marketing can help ensure that your site supports your business success and reflects your brand.

A Website Designer with a Focus on You

At Rooted Marketing, we view ourselves as your marketing partner. Applied to website design, that means making sure your website says what you need it to say and functions the way you need it to function. Website design is about much more than how a website looks. It’s also about how the website works to support and grow your business.

Your website designer will work closely with you to identify your business goals as they relate to your website. Once those broad goals have been determined, we’ll continue to collaborate as the site design comes together. We’ll talk appearance and colors and content, but we’ll also talk about features like shopping carts, a blog, forms, surveys, pictures, and links. We’ll make sure the site looks great and loads properly no matter how it’s accessed – by mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

There’s a whole world of possibilities in website design and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or carried away. Our job is to help you sort through the possibilities and settle on design features that make the most sense for your business. To that end, nearly all of our websites are custom-designed for the client. We rarely rely solely on templates to create a web design, because then the design wouldn’t be reflective of you.

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Common FAQs For Our Web Design Agency

How much do you charge for website design?

Cost for website design varies widely based on the complexity and needs of the project.

We are a small company with a limited budget, do you offer any web design templates?

We offer a variety of options for smaller businesses; some are template based, some are not. It all starts with a conversation about your business, goals, and budget. From there we work to create a custom package for your needs and budget.

Is a custom website design really that much more valuable than an attractive template?

Sometimes. It really depends on the company’s needs. Custom websites are more adaptable to a client’s needs and are built to their specifications. With a template site, you must stay within an existing framework to get as close to your needs as possible. This can be very limiting and frustrating, depending on what you are trying to do. Templates also have other drawbacks, like being unable to accommodate SEO or making it easy for a competitor to copy your site. Again, our process starts with a conversation about your needs and goals. We do not try to force clients into pre-planned packages; rather, we develop a package around the client’s needs.

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